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Creamy Cassava Cake

creamy cassava cake

I am not really into sweets but if there is one dessert that I like the most, it is this Creamy Cassava Cake. I started to love this sweet and creamy cassava cake when I was still pregnant and taking an IELTS review at that time. The owner of the review center used to brought us Cassava Cake when she’s conducting the review.

I somehow got addicted and make Cassava Cake a part of my daily meal. I was saddened when the IELTS review were over because I won’t be able to eat cassava cake. Good thing that a friend  of mine  always brought us Cassava Cake every time  she come to visit us at home. A slice of Cassava Cake  is usually sold at 12 pesos and for me, that amount is quite reasonable considering its size and quality.

Cassava Cake is normally made of grated cassava, sugar, macapuno, condensed or evaporated milk and coconut milk. Vanilla can also be added to enhance flavor and aroma. Cooking cassava cake is usually done using the oven and sprinkled with grated cheese to make it more appealing. To make your Cassava Cake more creamy, you may add a little  butter and more milk to your recipe.

My Own Version of Stir Fried Chopsuey

I have told you in my  About section that I don’t cook at home and I only do it when necessary but during our farewell dinner a night before our flight from Cagayan de Oro, I let my friends taste my own version of Stir Fried Chopsuey.

stir fried chopsuey it is… :-)

Chopsuey  is a healthy recipe  mostly consists of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, chayote (sayote), a little pork and squid balls to enhance the taste. Others are adding quail eggs and young corn to make it more delightful.

Among the food that was served that night, I am proud to say that my chopsuey was the bestseller and my friends are even asking for more of it :-).


Hi everyone!

You might wonder why so suddenly this blog has a new look and seems like it is still unorganized. After migrating Bella’s blog in WordPress  and have become a little familiar with how it works, I find it  more convenient  to have this foodie blog transferred to WP also. I tried to work it out myself at first but I messed up, thanks to my host for being so helpful and accommodating despite her busy schedule. Thanks Mabs, I really appreciate every single favor you’ve done for me.

Now, I would like to welcome you to my foodie blog’s new home and if it is not too much to ask kindly update my link in your blogs. Let me know if I also failed to add your links in this blog so I can update mine too.

Welcome and enjoy! :-) :-)

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