A Game – Numeric Value of a Word


Whenever I find my kids getting bored with their existing games or when they play with other kids I encourage them to play a word game with me. In today’s world there is no limit to digital games but when it comes to manual games there is certainly a shortage. Manual or indoor games are limited and digital games have swept away the pleasure and excitement which a child was used to derive from playing such games. I wonder even my toddler loves the digital things more than the toys. Well, we need to assure ourselves that our kids play regularly some non digital games also.

Here is a game which I devised and whenever it’s played it proved to be interesting. First I ask a kid what is your name number and then I explain to him how he can have his name Travel 5 Tips number. For example if a child’s name is ‘Ali’ then his numeric number is 1129.

Here is the logic, first we assigned a number to all 26 English alphabets as follows:

A – 1
B – 2
C – 3
D – 4
E – 5
F – 6
G – 7
H – 8
I – 9
J – 10
K – 11
L – 12
M – 13
N – 14
O – 15
P – 16
Q – 17
R – 18
S – 19
T – 20
U – 21
V – 22
W – 23
X – 24
Y – 25
Z – 26

Now, you see ALI has A, L and I and above A has number 1, L has 12 and I has 9. So the number for Ali is 1129.

The above game becomes interesting when it’s played without seeing the numbers on the paper. Give a child small words like sky, air, rain, play, go, the, we just, ask, etc. in order to limit the resulting value to 5 to 7 digits so that they don’t forget the numbers. If large words are presented they may get bored. Also, psychologically our memories can hold up to 7 digits at a one particular time.

Sometimes I prepare a contest and ask kids to participate and whoever says quickly the correct number of a particular word gets a reward. This way I put pressure on them to think and answer fast. This game is really interesting as I’ve tested out many times and I strongly believe that you and your kids will like it. Play it now!