How to make “gold food coloring”


There are some tricks and tips to achieve the perfect color when decorating cakes, cookies, or other sweets that use gold frosting. You can achieve a variety of gold food coloring by adding some shimmer to the decorations with luster dust. This will make them look more natural. The overall color can be darkened by adding more red or orange food coloring. Be careful, though, because dark food coloring can leave a bitter aftertaste.

How to make gold food coloring frosting

To make gold-colored frosting for decorating cookies, cupcakes, or large cakes, you need 2 cups of buttercream frosting. One cup of the buttercream frosting should be left behind for color corrections. The other cup can then be emptied into a medium-sized mixing bowl containing six drops yellow liquid food coloring. You can add another drop of orange liquid coloring.

Mix well to combine all the white frosting. This will prevent any white streaks. To make it deeper, add half of an orange and two more yellow drops. To lighten the color, you can add 1 tablespoon of the white frosting each time it gets too dark.

Mixing the right gold food coloring

Make a small batch of frosting or food coloring to ensure you get the desired color. You can make orange liquid food colorings by adding equal amounts of yellow and red to a small bowl. You can make a buttercream color chart using different frostings and food-color combinations until the color you desire.

Mixing frosting colors should be done in small batches. You can always add half a drop of yellow, or orange depending on which direction you wish the color to go, if the color isn’t exactly what you expected.

Start with 1/4 teaspoon yellow coloring. Add 1/8 teaspoon orange coloring. Continue adding more color as needed. You can achieve the perfect shade by using less.

How to Make Metallic Icing

Royal icing is a great choice for metallic or gold food coloring decorations. It hardens faster and provides a smooth surface to paint the metallic mixture onto baked goods. You can pipe royal icing onto soft frostings for detail work. This can then be painted in a metallic golden color.

Shades of Gold

You can create different shades of metallic gold by using luster dust. To make bronze or copper, you can add some brown food coloring to your yellow icing. Mixing equal amounts of yellow, blue and red food colors in a white dish can create brown food coloring. To create the perfect color combination, paint the icing with gold luster dust.