How to Sell an Apartment Quickly and Profitably in Romania?


The question of how to sell an apartment quickly and profitably, interests a lot of people: someone needs money, and someone has changed jobs and plans to move to another city or country. However, the rush is fraught with many problems – from the wrong legal registration of documents and the reduction of profits to fraud and fraud.

Fast execution of the transaction, maximum benefit and confidence in the absence of risks are guaranteed by the agency “BlissImobiliare” – visit their site –, years of successful work experience. In this article we will help you understand the intricacies of the issue, tell you what common mistakes sellers make, talk about the benefits of working with a professional realtor. You do not know how to quickly sell an apartment or house? Then these tips are for you!


Once you have decided on priorities, you can consciously decide whether you have enough strength and knowledge to properly sell an apartment without an intermediary. The main advantages of this sale option:

• The absence of a commission for the services of a realtor in the amount of 2–5% of the value of the apartment;

• Full control of all stages of implementation.

• If there is no confidence in one’s own competence, it would be better to resort to the services of professionals. Experienced specialists can take on some part of the preparation (for example, assess the apartment) or organize all the stages of the transaction correctly. The main advantages of using the services of a realtor:

• Reduced transaction time;

• Competent appraisal of the apartment;

• Ease of design;

• Availability of guarantees.

You decide to sell the apartment on your own or through an intermediary; each stage of the transaction should be approached with maximum responsibility and a wide range of specialized knowledge.


Inexperienced sellers who enthusiastically get down to business often make the following mistakes:

  1. Why do I need someone if I can do everything myself?

Quickly selling an apartment is easy. This is the most common and most dangerous delusion. The modern real estate market is saturated with offers, the number of which is several times higher than the demand. Therefore, you can successfully carry out your plans only in two cases – if you are lucky or if you underestimate the price. You do not want to lose money? Then be prepared for the fact that an independent search for a buyer will require a lot of time and effort.

  • The buyer himself will find me – you just need to advertise.

Indeed, posting multiple ads on various online resources is easy. However, it is worth remembering that you are not alone. This means that your offer can easily get lost in the endless list of ads. In order to increase the likelihood of a quick sale of housing, you will need to invest in advertising. And here you have to work hard to find really working advertising platforms and competent ways to promote ads.

  • Good price for a nice apartment.

Every seller is convinced that his property is worthy of the price that he specifies in the ad. Often this amount is unreasonably overestimated, which further complicates the sale process. A high price can scare off a buyer or force you to wait for your “client” for months and even years. That is why the advice is so relevant: soberly assess your capabilities and in case of difficulties, contact a professional.