Raw Foods – A Lifestyle, NOT a Diet


The word ‘diet’ has received a negative reputation. People who say that they are on a diet seem to imply that they are restricting themselves, in one way or another. The word unfortunately has, even come to become synonymous with starving one’s self. That is why I do not like to attach DIET to raw foods because it is not a diet, instead it is a lifestyle.

The first three letters in DIET is die, just think about that for a second. When people hear it they immediately think of smaller portioned meals and of saying goodbye to things they love to eat and saying hello to cardboard tasting protein. This may be true for some diets but it is certainly not for raw foods.

As said, raw food is a lifestyle. It is going to be a way of living. It should not be seen as a punishment or something that you have to endure just to achieve a goal. Goals will come true naturally when you enjoy yourself.

You get the best out of the raw lifestyle when it has become second nature to you, when you will no longer think about which option is the healthier one, it will just come to you naturally. Better yet, the raw lifestyle should be something that you want to do. It is should not be restrictive in any way.

If you are new to raw foods, you should know that you have the freedom to take things easy. You do not have to feel any pressure and restrict yourself to a set of meal plans. This should not be something that you are forced to do. Instead, it should come easy and it should be natural. Starting slow can help make your transition into the raw lifestyle easier. By doing that, you’ll be able to enjoy it more because you won’t be worrying about the little details all the time.

Take to raw food at your own pace. You also need to keep in mind that things may take some time at the start. There will be an adjustment period where you learn new things and new ways of seeing food.

When it comes to this lifestyle, I recommend that you only do the best you can to eat as well as possible. Make organic and raw choices whenever you can. If you do fall off the raw food wagon or if you find that when you start, you need to have a break, a day or a weekend of eating cooked food, go ahead. Do what you feel is right. Eventually, you will get used to eating raw and you’ll find that you no longer crave the cooked food you used to have. And you will feel the difference, so going off will start to happen less and less.

Putting pressure on yourself is not going to make raw foods pleasurable. In fact, it won’t make anything pleasurable. Having fun with it is Key. When you have fun, you will be open to experimentation with raw recipes. You’ll be surprised at some of the raw meals that you can create, you won’t be missing a thing!!