Smithfield Foods Turned To Software For Food Safety Management


The Smithfield Foods company is a major manufacturer of meat products, they are also known as the planets biggest pork processor as well as hog farmer. Once the organization was in need of testing and tracking its facilities for bacteria and other harmful occurrences. They had roughly 1,600 weekly screening samples being tracked. Tracking this many samples between multiple facilities turned into a task the old manual systems just couldn’t handle.

The corporation was in need of an alternative to aid in tracking test samples, final results, remediation and also corrective measures. With much added efficiency. By employing Sample6’s CONTROL software program, Smithfield has been equipped to streamline these types of food safety tests and enjoy the rewards of amplified reliability, communication and collaboration between teams.

Smithfield foods was screening for environment listeria within the plants for years. It was a quite well established, high-profile and also essential ecological tracking method for the plants and food safety supervision. Having this kind of a robust emphasis on being sure that the most dependable products are being manufactured for buyers, Smithfield’s process setup involved handling information among 12 facilities.

The assessment laboratory for those 12 locations was looking at several thousand sample submittals each and every month and using a manual spreadsheets to track the information. To aid the crew in streamlining the submission process as well as reporting method, they needed to their screening system and restructure any inefficiencies, Smithfield required a potent technology option.

The corporation observed a number of benefits to the CONTROL food safety application that could assist the staff to deal with these kinds of issues head on, including:

Intelligent announcements of positive test outcomes, in addition to the capacity to view info track record

Facilitation of corrective action monitoring when there’s an environmental positive that needs to be remediated

Seamless implementation of sample submittal as well as reporting of outcomes in between the corporate laboratory and the plants

Auto labeling function to reinforce the exactness and proficiency of sample labeling.

As the application was rolled out, Sample6 offered valuable aid. The Sample6 staff collaborated with the company staff members and the plants to review different cases and make certain the software program could be implemented. To save the manufacturing plants from spending an excessive amount of time trying to master everything, remote gatherings were done. When each and every plant had comprehension of the software and its abilities, that staff received on-site instruction and rollout for a clean changeover.