SubNautica Food: Best One


Subnautica: Below Zero offers a world of culinary delights for players. Knowing which subnautica food is the best can make the difference between floating to the top and seeing another day.

6 Best Subnautica Food – The Spicy Fruit Salad

This delicious Spicy Fruit Salad is a must-try. Although this is not something you will be making at the beginning of the game it is a great accompaniment to long walks across the Glacial Basin or adventures into the cold. Here are the facts.

You can’t make this until you’ve visited Marguerite’s Greenhouse in the East Arctic biome. You will find a PDA with the words “I’d prefer to be hunting” inside. This will give you the Blueprint required to create a Spicy Fruit Salad.

Spicy Fruit Salad is made at a Fabricator using a Preston’s Plant as well as a Fevered Pepper. The Preston’s Plant can only be found in Marguerite’s Greenhouse. The Fevered Pepper comes from the trees of the Arctic Spires and Glacial Basin. These Peppers can also be grown indoors in Grow Beds. This makes it one the most popular subnautica food items.

The Arctic Peeper: 5 Best Cooked Fish

Are you looking for the best cooked fish? The Arctic Peeper is a great choice. The Arctic Peeper has the highest nutritional value among all fish, at +32 food and +5 fluid. No other fish can come close to the Peeper’s importance.

These Peepers are likely familiar to anyone who played Subnautica. Although they are a little different in Below Zero, their huge yellow eyes make them easily identifiable.

These biomes are home to peaceful Arctic Peepers, which can be found swimming in peace.

The different Arctic Biomes

Glacial Basin/Bay/Connection

Shallow Twisty Bridges/Twisty Bridges

Thermal Spires

The Arctic Peeper is the most difficult fish to cure. Curing can reduce the H2o content of food but cured food takes longer for it to decompose.

Below Zero: 4 Best Fruits to Grow in Subnautica Food

If you are just starting Grow Beds, there are some great fruits that you should prioritise.

Antenna Plant Fruit: This fruit supplies 20 food, 5 H20 and 9 heat. One fruit can be grown per plant. It is first discovered in the wilds on the Lilypad Islands.

Fevered pepper – This subnautica food source has 15 Food, 20 H20 and 50 Heat. This was originally found on the side of Fevered Pepper Trees at the Arctic Spires, Glacial Basin. You can also grow it indoors with Growbeds.

Lantern Fruit – This bright fruit can be used in many ways. You can grow it in Plant Pots either inside or outside. It will give you 15 Food and 75 Heat when it is eaten. These fruits can also grow in the Bioreactor. The Bioreactor can provide reliable power because each tree produces a large amount of fruits.