The Most Important Supplement – Probiotics


If you are conscious about health issues, then you must have an awareness of the importance of dietary supplements in our body. Supplements are especially useful for the person whose diet is not being able to provide with sufficient nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fibers etc, or somehow these essential elements are missing in the body. Experts then, try to compensate those with supplements. One of the most important and helpful supplements are Probiotics.

Probiotics are basically friendly bacteria our body needs for good health and energy. Probiotics constructively affect human body by improving the equilibrium of flora in digestive system. The term probiotic means “for life”, it is derived from “pro + bios”, means “for life”.

Do you know our digestive system consists of over 400 types of microorganisms? An average adult person carries around 3 to 4 Kilograms of bacteria gut flora. This simple means “huge” presence of bacteria in human body. These microorganisms are essential elements of our body as they perform beneficial tasks for us.

Dr. Gregor Reid, in his book “Probiotics in the treatment of Diarrheal diseases”, identifies the significance of these beneficial bacteria as,

“For more than 100 years, probiotic remedies have been used to fight infection. Now substantial scientific and clinical evidence indicates that certain well selected probiotic organisms can reduce the risk and duration of diarrhea.”

Why probiotics?

To maintain a strong digestive system, you need to make sure that you have lot of “friendly” bacteria in your body. These good bacteria play a number of vital roles, which are listed as,

• Improving digestion; 
• Producing different vitamins; 
• Relieving signs of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); 
• Detoxifying various chemicals; 
• Production of nutrients to fix the gut inside layer 
• Increasing defense against infections and maintaining the immune system; 
• Preventing the growth of harmful bacteria

All probiotics are not same.

Making a probiotic supplement as mandatory to take every day will help good wellbeing and support in the avoidance of disease, though it must be kept in mind that not all probiotic supplements are same. They are differently created for different purposes.

This is because different probiotics produce different impacts within human body. In this case, your doctor’s advice must be given prime importance.

Thing to remember:

It is imperative to check the strain level of the probiotic being taken in. Probiotics vary according to species, strain and genus. While probiotics are taken as secure and beneficial in a broader sense, it is to note that not all probiotics provide sufficient health benefits that can be taken as therapeutic. Therefore, it is of prime importance to use the correct strain for the purpose you have in your mind. Further, the ability to be alive in digestion is another important trait of good probiotics.

Keep the probiotics effective!

The number of “friendly” bugs present in human digestive system might get imbalanced by a range of causes including,

• Excess alcohol drinking; 
• Taking in a lot of dietary fat; 
• Consuming a insufficient fiber diet; 
• Excess strain; 
• Contact to toxic substances; 
• Eating unhealthy and processed foods; 
• Gastro illness; 
• Antibiotic usage