Useful Cooking Tips For The Novice Cook


Everyone loves a good meal. However not everyone can cook a good meal. Despair not for cooking is a skill that can be easily learned. Eating healthy home-cooked meal should be a choice you readily choose. Here are some quick tips to get you going.

Whether you are using stainless steel cookware, non-stick cookware or maybe the environmental-friendly green cookware, always make sure the pots and pans are thoroughly cleaned before using and after using them. Dirty cookware with bits of food still stuck inside can ruin whatever dish you are cooking. Besides, it can be rather unhygienic and may even cause stomach upset.

Getting organized before the start of proper cooking is essential. Prepare all the necessary ingredients in advance. Get ready all the pots and pans needed. This is to avoid frantically searching for a missing ingredient or cooking tool. This is especially true of Chinese stir-frying using a Asian wok. Speed is essential for successful stir-frying.

If you are new to cooking, then it is better to measure the ingredients accurately. The correct amount of salt, sugar and whatever sauce you are using contribute towards the delectable taste of the dish. This is also true of the oil used for cooking. This will help to prevent your dish from getting too oily or too dry. You can skip the measuring part once you have become more expert in cooking.

Freeze left-over sauces in ice trays. All you have to do is just sauté some in a pan for a quick meal. Leftover vegetables or meat can be used for fried rice. Just add in some spices such as minced ginger, garlic or basil and you have a nutritious meal to enjoy.

Here is a tip to lower the fat content in your mashed potato. Add cauliflower and mashed together with the potato. Mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower have the same texture and color but now the dish has much lower calories, a tasty dish of healthy home-cooked mashed potato for your enjoyment. Adding in hot milk will also result in more fluffy mashed potato.

Here is another quick tip to remove the fat from the surface of your pot of hot soup. Place an ice-cube on a spoon. Then skim the surface of the soup. The fat will cling to the spoon and can now be easily removed. That is the beauty of home cooked soup – tasty, less oily and healthy.