What is a Maternity Package?


You will be overwhelmed if this is your first child. The logistical side can be made easier by purchasing a maternity package. Hospitals will combine the cost for your stay, delivery, and any extras into one package price you can pay in advance. This includes all essentials such as meals, amenities, and postnatal care services.

How do you choose the best maternity package?

Consider the birth experience you desire when you are looking at hospitals and the maternity plans they offer.

You might want to ask these questions:

  • Are you a tight budget?
  • Are there any special dietary needs?
  • Are there any other layout requirements, such as a tub in the bathroom?
  • Do I need one room? Or do I need space for my partner?
  • Are there any services I need, such as a lactation consultant and a massage therapist?
  • Are there any other amenities I would like, such as celebratory meals?
  • Are there any tests I would like to have done on the baby before it is born?

It will be easier to eliminate packages that don’t fit your needs if you decide which elements are most important. Many hospitals offer complimentary maternity tours that allow you and your partner to tour the maternity ward. Parkway East Hospital offers maternity packages.

What is a Maternity Tour?

A maternity tour allows you to see the hospital’s facilities and determine if it is right for you. Some hospitals offer group tours while others offer individual tours that must be booked in advance.

  • Maternity wards

The tour will include a guided tour of the hospital and the various rooms available. Staff members will also answer any questions about the facilities and packages.

How do I book a maternity pack?

  • Pre-register for admission

Pre-registering for admission can be done early in your pregnancy. This confirms your intent to have your baby at your hospital. It also gives you ample time to organize.

After you have taken a tour and chosen your package, the hospital will guide you through all paperwork and confirm your booking.

  • Prices

Remember that babies can be unpredictable and that childbirth might not go according to plan.

Prices vary for caesarean and vaginal deliveries. Other elements such as forceps-assisted delivery or anaesthesia may impact your total package price.

  • Maternity packages include medical insurance

Parkway East Hospital can accept both local and international insurance. You may not be required to pay the entire bill depending on what type of insurance you have.

Find out more about insurance and hospital bills to determine your out-of pocket costs for your maternity package.

This will require you to be flexible and budget for any unexpected circumstances. The hospital maternity team can answer any questions you may have about the financial aspects of the maternity packages.

What about your partner?

You should expect to pay more if you want your partner to spend the night with you. This service is not available at all hospitals. Make sure to check with the hospital before you make any bookings. You should check with the hospital to make sure that your partner is not provided food. Most maternity menus are designed for postnatal well-being and often include recipes for confinement.

Are there any other things you should think about?

Each hospital will have its own policies and procedures. This includes overnight guests and visiting hours. Consider all these aspects when choosing a maternity package. Then, decide which is most important to your needs. Last-minute changes such as changing rooms or prolonging your stay may result in an extra cost. A maternity package will make your childbirth experience more manageable if you plan ahead and budget for unexpected events.

Book a maternity tour to learn more about Parkway East Hospital and experience the first-hand maternity services.

Josephine Ng is a senior customer relations executive at Parkway East Hospital. This article was contributed by Josephine Ng.