Aloe, Fiber, Water and Exercise: Key Herbalife Ingredients for Digestive Health


Aloe has been used for human health since at least the days of Ancient Greece when it was used to treat cuts. Today, modern refinement techniques have allowed for a far wider range of uses than our forebearers might have guessed. In Herbalife Nutrition Aloe Concentrate, aloe is used specifically to aid in digestion.

Aloe: What It Is and How It Helps

Aloe is not any one specific plant, but a whole genus containing more than 500 flowering succulents. The species most commonly used for health, and the one that is used to produce Herbalife ingredients, is the Aloe vera.

In the 19th Century, Aloe vera was taken as a laxative. This was possible thanks to the aloins found in the plant, the yellow juice found when you cut an aloe leaf open.

Aloe vera can still be used as a laxative, but by juicing the plant’s leaves and filtering the aloin out with active carbon, we can also produce a much gentler product for digestive regulation.

As it turns out, Aloe vera is loaded with enzymes that will help to break down fats and sugars for easier digestion. You just need to get all of the yellow aloins out of there so that the extract stays in your body long enough to do its thing.

Many aloe users also find that processed juice helps them to stay hydrated. It has a nice, refreshing taste to it, which can be just the thing to get you reaching for something besides a soda or a more sugary juice.

Aloe, Fiber, Water, and Exercise

An important point to remember about digestive health: It’s not just one thing or another. You need soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, water, and plenty of exercises. Aloe is a helper, but it can’t do the job on its own. For proper digestive health, you’ll also need to…

  • Drink around four quarts of water a day. You can get this from meal replacement shakes, aloe drinks, and other sources, as long as it’s not too sugary. Remember that coffee is a diuretic, so, not a great water replacement.
  • Exercise every day. You don’t need to put in a four-hour workout at the gym every single day, but you should get up and walk around, do some pushups and situps in the morning, ride your bike to work, anything to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. In particular, any exercises that work your core, like running, walking, or crunches, will help your abdomen to do its best work.
  • Eat enough fiber. For men, this would be 38g a day, and for women, 25g. You want soluble fiber, which you can find in fruits, oats, and beans, and which slow the absorption of sugar for proper digestion. And you want insoluble, which is the stuff you get from vegetables and whole grain to help keep the trains running on time.
  • Eat slowly. The longer you take with your meals, the more evenly it will pass through the body. Small snacks and meal replacement shakes here and there can keep you going, but when you sit down for lunch or dinner, don’t rush.

Along with other Herbalife ingredients, aloe can be a big help for your digestive health. But there are no magic pills in this life. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to practice healthy living and healthy eating. Stay hydrated, keep your body in motion, and eat well. Give your digestive system a little TLC and you’ll be surprised how much healthier and more energetic you’ll feel.