Collar Flags For Chefs: Types Based On Attachment Properties


When there is the cooking competition at the international level or having inter-house competition. Chefs prefer to identify their country. For that purpose, they usually attach the flag of their country on the collar. The embroidered patches are the best way to represent the country. Although all patches are made on cotton fabric with cotton thread to keep them simple yet elegant. Although their method of attachment may differ depending on the choice of the person. Some of the common attachment types for collar flags for chefs are


This is the type of embroidered patch that has the sticky glue compatible with the fabric. It is an effective way to stick the patch with collar. No need of any special press. Just remove the cover from the backside and paste on the location where you want to attach it. Although this type of attachment is firm but sometimes when washed frequently the stickiness may be removed thus causing the removal of the patch from the collar.

Iron on

Just like self-adhesive type attachment this type of the patch contain the glue. The only difference is that you have to do iron on the upper side in order to produce the stickiness. The gum when get hot become adhesive and get attached to the fabric. It is convenient and long-lasting. It does not remove after frequent washes.

Sew on

The most durable method is to sew the patch on the collar. No matter how much roughly washed the patch will not get freed from the shirt or collar. Most chefs prefer this type of attachment as it is fixed and forever. The only disadvantage associated is that thread appears and may sometime give annoying look if a thread comes out of the patch that may give a rough look.

Safety pins or Velcro

The hooks or holes are present with a patch that can be fixed with a collar with safety pins. Although it’s an old method and gives a rough appearance. It is not a choice of attachment. It is only used in random competitions where there is no previous selection of the participants. They are provided with patches to present their country or city.

The attachment type also varies from fabric to fabric. The cotton type fabric is compatible with all type of attachment but with leather type, there is a need to sew only as the ironing the patch may damage the leather.