Healthy Cooking At Home – Five Simple Tips for Healthy Home Cooked Meals


Eating out is fun, but it has its bad side too that you notice when you start adding extra pounds to your girth. You will then make haste to find recipe books and try your hand at cooking. To enjoy some fine, healthy, home cooked meals, all that you have to do is set the time aside for the cooking. One assurance that you have when you cook your own food is that you know what went into the pot, unlike when you eat at the so-called health food restaurants where you really cannot tell what went into the pot.

Here are some tips to enjoy healthy food at home

1. Go fat-free: It is hard to imagine tacos and nachos without cream. However, you can still enjoy them with fat free cream or yoghurt. Alternatively, you could opt for a cooked dish as a replacement for thickening cream. When you are faced with that nagging cream-based soup, you can add the sub fat-free cream and beat your craving. Avoid calories at all costs.

2. Embrace the vegetables: You can never go wrong with vegetables and the good thing is that they can be used with any kind of food as a side dish. Rich in fiber and nutritional value, vegetables can make you feel less hungry during the day.

3. Learn how to marinate: Lean meats can be marinated in citrus juice or vinegar, which in turn tenderizes and adds an appealing flavor to your meat. Alternatively, you could create your marinade with wine.

4. Avoid skin: A chicken’s breast meat is heavily laden with calories. This can pose a serious threat to your general health. It is therefore advisable to peel of the skin and eat your way to lesser calories and good health.

5. Befriend the oven: It is important to avoid the pan as much as you can when frying your meat. Naturally, food cooked in the oven is less likely to retain any saturated fats after cooking. In addition, the oven produces crunchier and crispier food than the pan.

6. Enhance the flavor and aroma of your food with herbs – Plain food can be boring and no matter how healthy it is; if it is not a delight to the palates, you will not love it. Some herbs like cardamom, coriander, cilantro, oregano and basil are readily available at the grocery stores.

How to get started cooking at home: Healthy home cooked meals do not necessarily mean denying yourself simple culinary pleasures. You can have a healthy, yet very sumptuous home cooked meal. Once you are ready to walk the clean eating route, ensure that you collect as many recipes as possible, concentrating on those that have as few calories as possible. Home cooking is very fulfilling once you get started.