Cooking Can Be Therapeutic – Try It Today


Transforming a recipe from scratch to a complete meal has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures and achievements. Most people love to cook, but have you ever wondered whether it is the thought of the food itself, or the fact that most people feel more at home in the kitchen that makes them adore cooking? There is more to it than meets the eye, because cooking is therapeutic.

Cooking makes you feel in control – There is no better, more uplifting feeling than what you feel when you are in control in the kitchen. You decide what goes into the pot, you decide how long it cooks and you even decide who eats it. Cooking can give you the feeling of control over life, where you might have felt that you lost everything in the office, cooking will make you feel powerful again.

The smell of the herbs, the spices, the fresh vegetables and the onions will make you feel better. It will give you a feeling of control and it can even bring the family together. For example, some women say that they feel better when they cook for their spouses and some say they feel better when they cook with their spouses. The kitchen is like a therapy room that improves the mood.

An avenue to let out your anger – Feeling low? You can cook and eat your worries away. When you are pounding the dough in the bowl or on the table, you can imagine it is your annoying boss in the office who never appreciates anything you do. You will be surprised that when you are very angry, you will make the finest, softest dough. You can hit with all the force you can muster, feel angry at it and when you are done, cook it and eat it. You will not feel like a loser again.

Comfort eating – Cooking is culminated by eating. Have you ever heard the term ‘comfort eating?’ Yes, it does exist. There are people who find comfort in spending time in the kitchen, coming up with a meal and eating it all away. This makes them feel good about themselves. If this works for you, go ahead and do it unapologetically, but watch that weight.

Make cooking your area of excellence – After you have had a rough day at work or too much criticism in the office, you will need a spirit booster when you get home. If you are good in the kitchen, head there anytime you feel wound up with tension like a spring. When you cook up something that your family loves, they will shower you with praise and affection and slowly, your confidence in yourself will return.