How Effective Can Teeth Whitening Be?


It is not rare to experience discoloration of teeth caused by various lifestyle habits, age, medicines, foods and beverages etc. Even natural wear and tear result in permanent marks and stains on teeth sometimes. There are a number of reasons that lead to enamel discoloration and it is a problem that can be experienced by a person who has the most disciplined oral hygiene routine. You should visit Pure Cypress Dentist for your routine checkup.  Over a period of time, teeth tend to lose their color along with their strength and their age starts to show. It is only natural that the teeth will become yellowish with age but for some people stain and discoloration could be severe, interfering with their appearance, ruining a smile and in the process, affecting their confidence. Hence, they not only want to conceal and hide the discoloration, they want to do away with it.

However, tooth whitening is one of the simplest and quickest treatments which may not even require you to visit a doctor actually. There are bleaching or whitening kits available in the market which gives extremely good results. If applied correctly following all the steps and instructions properly then it will definitely brighten up your teeth. The process is extremely simple. Products that help whiten the teeth have become immensely popular and the industry earns in billions each year. You have other options apart from buying a teeth whitening product. You can ask your dentist to let you avail a teeth whitening service which either simply uses a gel or shines a laser or light after applying a whitening product to effect the change.

The very first step of getting this treatment is to have a discussion with your doctor about your eligibility for the treatment. It is a simple procedure and there are no apparent risks when it comes to this treatment but that does not mean it is suitable for everyone. For example, people who have restorations or fabrications at the front of their teeth would not be able to make the best use of teeth whitening. Procedures like dental bonding, crowns and porcelain veneers are included in this category which do not react with the chemicals in the bleaching compound and hence do not change color. If you already have these procedures applied on your teeth and still want to go for teeth whitening you can by all means do that but you just have to accept that any artificial addition to your teeth will not adapt the color as your natural teeth would, when exposed to the whitening treatment. In other cases like, people who have extremely sensitive teeth and gums, it is better that they do not expose their teeth to the harsh chemicals used in bleaching. Lastly, whitening is an effective process but not miraculous and hence it may not be able to avoid harsh stains or spots like the ones left by a dead tooth.