How to Cook Safely With a Microwave Oven


Man’s usage of the microwave oven has skyrocketed in greater proportions nowadays. This is because of its convenience and efficiency. Microwave cooking uses lesser energy and saves more time in heating compared to other conventional methods. In this write up, we will give you the very details behind this cook-in-a-flash ubiquitous appliance called the microwave.

What is microwave cooking? The answer is quite self-explanatory. From the words microwave and cooking, food is cooked using the microwaves, a form of radio waves. This microwave radiation usually heats food at a frequency of 2.45 Gigahertz. Food is cooked through dielectric heating. In this process, water molecules from the food take in the energy from the microwaves hence heating up the outer surface first. The inner parts are warmed as heat travels from the outer surface to the inner layers. Hence, food is being cooked from outside to inside.

As you can see, there is a list of things to observe and to avoid in microwave cooking. These instructions ensure food safety and quality. Here are a few of the useful tips when heating food with the microwave:

  • Do cook lean and thinly-sliced meats. Don’t cook big chunks of meat because microwaves can only heat food with an inward depth of an inch. Microwaves may not heat thick meats evenly hence leaving raw or cold spots. Cold spots are viable mediums for bacteria to grow.
  • Do cook foods that are water-based. Do not cook oil in a microwave oven because oil lacks the polarity found in water, which is used in heating up foods.
  • Do use ceramics or glass containers when cooking food. Do not cook foods in a plastic container because plastic when heated releases Bisphenol A. This toxin may cause neurological damages to humans.
  • Do heat water in a microwave oven for a minimum span of time. Do not boil water for too long to avoid possible explosions. When water is superheated, even a little movement may cause the water to release heat violently through erupting out of the cup.
  • Do use a wooden spoon or any smooth metal object when heating food in a microwave oven. Don’t use utensils with pointed ends such as forks. The tines of a metallic fork may produce electric charges or sparks at the tips.

The microwave is indeed one of the greatest inventions in these modern times. What started as an unintentional discovery by an engineer is now used a vital appliance for cooking by many. Microwave cooking is easy, practical and time-saving. With the help of microwaves and dielectric heating, foods are cooked inside the microwave oven. Truly, learning these facts on microwave cooking gave us a deeper understanding what this common cuboidal appliance does.