French Cooking Tips


In mastering the art of French cooking, a cook must possess these three essentials: (1) knowledge and skill on basic French cooking methods; (2) Fresh supply of ingredients; and (3) heap of self-confidence. The lack of one element may be catastrophic. It may pose grave failure in your cooking. Here, are detailed descriptions of each element:

1. Basic Methods

Initial step for a beginner is to understand by heart the different culinary terms associated with French cooking:


The French word Flamée stands for to flame. This is a cooking technique in which liquor is added on a pan and is set on fire. One must be cautious in doing this procedure. When setting the saucepan on fire, make sure that your hair is tied back and your body distance at an angle away from the blaze.


Sautéis derived from the word bounce in French. This can be associated in the tossing technique done with the ingredients in the saucepan. A spatula is usually used for this method.


This is another culinary knife cut. An ingredient is cut into long strips about 6-7 centimeters long. Julienned vegetables may be used for stir frying and for food presentations.

These are a few of the common methods done in French cooking. Once you are knowledgeable of these techniques, actual practice and the mastery of every method follows. Cooking is not a spectator sport. Just by seeing it doesn’t exactly mean you can easily do it by your own. It takes several times of practice. The more you practice, the closer you are in perfecting a French dish.

2. Fresh Supply of Ingredients

No matter how skillful you are in the kitchen or how careful you are in following the steps of a recipe, but if your ingredients are timeworn and rancid, then the taste of your meal will be unpalatable and foul-tasting. The high quality of their meats, cheese, and wine exudes delectable flavors when cooked thoroughly. Fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables such as thyme, lemons and mints also do the trick in enticing our sense of sight, smell, and taste.

3. Heap of Self-confidence

For you to master the art of French cooking, the knowledge and skills are not enough. The right attitude must always be present. This includes your self-confidence and your belief in your instincts. Shove away people who underestimate your capabilities. Disregard also negative outlooks.

Truly, French cooking does hold a bearing of sophistication and exquisite flair. You can master the art of French cooking. A perfect combination of sufficed knowledge on cooking methods, availability of garden-fresh ingredients, and equipped with the right attitude, mastering such art is neither a far-fetched idea nor an unreachable aspiration. You may not reach the ideal outcome at the start, but continue to persevere. Like how a saying goes, there’s no such thing as failure, only delayed success.