Know More about Anavar Results



Anavar results can help one obtain the perfect physical appearance which most find difficult to achieve even when following a strict diet and exercise program. This is the reason why people seek help by taking anabolic steroids and other drugs. Anabolic steroids help boost your body’s ability to increase muscle definition and lose the extra pounds.

Anavar promises results without experiencing extensive side effects. It is best to understand what to expect from the drug. This may help someone make the decision whether or not this is the right steroid for personal use.

Anavar Results

Anavar is known as the “Women’s steroid.” This is because of a large number of female athletes and bodybuilders who are taking this drug. Women choose Anavar if they  want to put on more muscle size but don’t want puffy muscles like most men have. This does not mean though that it is only designed for women.

Anavar helps build strength and boost muscle definition. Plenty of men are taking this drug. An example would be performance athletes who do not want to build extensive size. Soccer players, bicyclists, runners also prefer Anavar as a potential steroid. Contact sports professionals like boxers might attempt to take a different kind of steroid if they want effects given by Dianabol which produces larger muscles.

Side Effects for Men and Women

Always remember that not all the results of Anavar are good. There are side effects reported which may be different between men and women. Common side effects are similar to the ones you experience with other steroids. Serious side effects are the ones that you should watch out for since these can be slightly serious and sometimes life-threatening.

Most Common Side Effects: (Men and Women)

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Skin color change
  • A change in the overall sexual appetite
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Headaches

Slightly More Serious Side Effects

These side effects may affect your personal and professional life. A visit to a doctor’s office may be required.

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Snoring (should be checked when individual did not snore before taking Anavar)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Extreme Mood Swings
  • Trouble urinating

Male Only Side Effects

  • Breast swelling
  • Prolonged and frequent erections (can last for hours or longer)
  • Reduced sperm production

Before and After

Anavar is a mild steroid. Because of this, there are minimal strict cycles or dosage regimens to follow. Medical doctors prescribe from 20mg to 80mg per day to patients, depending on the muscle loss and how quickly they want the muscles back. However, for athletes, this can increase to 100mg.

A visit to the bodybuilding and weight loss forums will help you see these different before and after pictures results for the dosage amounts and kinds of cycles. Through this, you may be able to interact with other users and share opinions about the cycle that they can recommend and how to maintain your results after the cycle.

If you want to improve your physical appearance, it is best to seek out the very best medical assistance before taking Anavar. The body is not always able to do all of this on its own. Anavar is a steroid that can deliver best results in both weight loss and increase in muscle definition and strength. However, it is still best for anyone who competes in a league to double check what the banned substances are.