Premenstrual Syndrome Lifestyle Changes


If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, there are many lifestyle changes that you may make in order to cope with the symptoms that you experience in a more effective manner. Many women simply do not realize that there are many steps that they may personally take in order to manage the symptoms that they experience when experiencing PMS and even during the actual menstrual cycle.

These lifestyle changes are appropriate for women that suffer from mild to moderate symptoms associated with their premenstrual syndrome. In this healthy living guide, you will be introduced to several lifestyle changes that may assist you in living more comfortably with premenstrual syndrome.


Making adjustments to the diet that you indulge in could assist you in many ways. Not only could it help to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms that you experience with premenstrual syndrome and during your period, it could assist in optimizing your health as a whole. It is important to ensure that you consume many different varieties of fruits.

It is also important to make sure that you consume many different types of vegetables. It is also important that you incorporate whole grains into your diet. It has been established that if you consume this type of diet for at least two weeks prior to the onset of your period, you will suffer less from the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and during your period.

Water Consumption

If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome, you likely suffer from many complicated symptoms that cause you to be highly uncomfortable. These symptoms may include pain due to cramping muscles in the abdominal area and the back, headaches, and it is likely that you retain the fluid that your body has. As a result of the fluid retention that you experience, you may experience bloating.

It is important that you consume a high level of water. On the average, women should consume approximately eight to ten glasses of water daily. If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome or have a difficult time during your period, it is important to consume approximately ten to twelve glasses of water each day – whether you are on your period or not.


If you experience premenstrual syndrome and challenges associated with your menstrual cycle, it is important to consider the benefits associated with nutritional supplements. Women need a multitude of vitamins and a multitude of minerals. The most popular ones for coping with PMS include Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, and also Vitamin D.

Now, you may elect to take these as standalone minerals and vitamins, but it is often best to find a product that is identified as a multimineral and multivitamin product. This way, you can ensure that you have all the nutritional supplements that your body needs in one safe dose. If you make these lifestyle changes, you will find that you have a much easier time coping with premenstrual syndrome.

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