Squirrel Hill Health Center


We serve everyone searching for the best care available with a unique concern due to their spiritual beliefs, ethnic and cultural heritage, language spoken, age, gender, and handicap status. Our multifaceted staff offers primary and preventative medical care for individuals of all ages, behavioral and mental health care services provide at Squirrel Hill Health Center, dental care, and case management. In addition, we have onsite laboratory services and also for uninsured patients offer access to low cost medicines.


Squirrel Hill Health Center supplies patient-driven, high quality, comprehensive, primary and preventative health care and support providers, with regard to patients’ insurance status or ability to cover.


The Center intends to boost its cultural proficiency and lively environment while further raising patient care satisfaction and quality.

Moreover, the Center strives for long term achievement by being receptive to an evolving health care landscape and using strong direction plans and a solid financial foundation.



Member will organize new individual orientation sessions; monitor required health services, including laboratory visits,squirrel hill health center brentwood blood pressure tests, and PCP appointments; operate directly with patients in such classes, and supply immediate care navigation along with case management solutions for both SHHC and outside appointments and providers; create referral appointments, supply transport info, supply the patients with cheap self-pay and/or free choices; monitor follow up on testing and referrals to make sure patients receive appropriate care. For Squirrel Hill Health Center non-English talking patients, this procedure will also need coordination with external providers to supply interpreters for non-SHHC appointments to be sure the individual receives culturally competent and linguistically appropriate care.

Squirrel Hill Health Center Group

The Squirrel Hill Health Center group is a group of people that are enthusiastic about the centre’s mission to offer health care and solutions that are preventative, comprehensive, and patient-driven while creating a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere. Many staff members are multilingual and each staffer is dedicated to assisting the Pittsburgh area attain affordable, optimum, and long-term  and well-being.

Squirrel Hill Health Center occupations are in livelihood areas like customer support and health & medical. In earlier times full-time employment chances with options for distant work and other schedules are accessible to entry-level candidates having the necessary specialist certifications.

Community health clinics in Pennsylvania state they’re on the point of catastrophe.

The Pennsylvania Association of Squirrel Hill Health Centers stated this cash contains approximately 13 percent of their entire earnings for FQHCs from the commonwealth.

Squirrel Hill Health Center supplies patient-driven, high quality, comprehensive, primary and preventative health care and support providers, with regard to patients’ insurance status or ability to cover.

Student Responsibilities:

The student’s main responsibility is to create a strategy to register patients in our digital Patient Portal and implement the plan. The student will help patients in education about the Patient Portal and ease registration too. We might also create different jobs according to current operational demands at our company.

Specialties Squirrel Hill Health Center

By changing from the conventional”disease-centered” attention of contemporary medical practice to some more patient-centered strategy, practical medicine addresses the entire person, not simply an isolated group of diagnoses or symptoms. Functional medicine is uniquely suited to discovering and correcting those”root causes” of chronic illness with the ultimate aim being to stop and reverse complicated health conditions – hence answering the question of WHY. During our highly personalized operational medicine approach we help cure to a deeper level by fostering wellness at squirrel hill health center brentwood  and adapting to symptoms so as to combat illness and harvest lifelong energy.

As a naturopathic internist and Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) accredited practitioner, Dr. Lobur provides experience from both these recovery fields to help direct his patients upward from the depths of complex health issues into the pinnacle of surging wellness. During using personalized diet programs, concentrated nutritional supplement support, lifestyle advice, holistic healing remedies and cutting edge clinical evaluations, Dr. Lobur and his staff will work quite carefully together with squirrel hill health center brentwood you to help attain your final health objectives.