Top alternatives to turkey this Christmas


Top alternatives to turkey this Christmas

Turkey has long been a beloved main course for holiday meals and other special occasions, but it’s not the only meat suitable for such celebrations. If there’s ever an emergency shortage of turkey, certain types of meat might make better alternatives – either by cooking them yourself or hiring a catering turkey this Christmas company to serve them instead.


You’ve likely encountered or read about the beloved Christmas goose in popular holiday films and books, but this meat can also be used for other festive meals. To prepare it in its traditional manner, either you or the caterer can roast until its skin is crispy and the meat cooked thoroughly. Pairing this meal with roasted carrots and parsnips plus sage-and-onion stuffing for an absolutely delicious finish!


Chicken is one of the most versatile meats that can be prepared in various ways. Whether fried, roasted or baked, this white meat will leave everyone at your table feeling satisfied after the meal. For sauces, choose from favourites like spicy lemon sauce or garlic white wine sauce. Serve this white meat with green beans, corn and mashed potatoes for a complete meal; dinner rolls with butter may also accompany it.

Hog Roast

A succulent hog roast can satisfy almost anyone’s appetite, whether cooked at home with the hire of a hog roast machine or catered by companies such as The Roasting Pig. A whole hog roast should be roasted slowly to cook through and bring out its full flavour and you may top it with barbecue or spicy chilli sauce for extra kick. Coleslaw, roasted potatoes or macaroni and cheese are some of the side dish options that often accompany a hog roast. A fresh green salad featuring mixed lettuce, cucumber and peas is another delicious accompaniment.

Tofu Turkey

When looking for a meatless meal for special occasions, tofu turkey can be the ideal solution. Made from soymilk curds, tofu serves as an alternative meat option and may appeal to vegetarians or vegans at the table. Add some pepper and olive oil along with dried rosemary and thyme for an even more delectable dish! You can prepare this delectable treat from scratch or purchase pre-made versions that resemble real turkey meat in stores.

No matter if you’re hosting a large and lavish dinner for many guests or just something special just for yourself and your family, any of these turkey alternatives can help make your gathering memorable. If you don’t feel confident cooking yourself, caterers are happy to prepare the food and deliver it directly to where you are meeting.