Cooking Mistakes – The Most Common Cooking Mistakes That People Make


Cooking is a science that is very old, perhaps as old as mankind. However, whereas it should have been perfected with time, that is hardly the case. People still make some very common mistakes that they should not. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when cooking:

1. Not being prepared enough – Cooking as they say is an exact science. It is like doing a science experiment at the lab, only that this time the results will end up on the dinner table. Most people do not prepare everything in advance and therefore when they are cooking, they run helter-skelter looking for herbs from the cabinet, butter from the fridge. As such, they dread cooking because they think that it is very hectic while that is not the case. Prepare everything in advance, lay it out on the table, the foodstuffs, the cutlery… everything.

2. Not minding the measurements – Cooking is an exact science. Therefore, if you are following a recipe, follow it to the letter and make the exact measurements. For example, if the recipe says two cups of flour for baking a chocolate cake, do not make them 2½.

3. Cooking at the wrong temperature – If you pull the meat out of the freezer and dump it into the oven with a bang without letting it thaw, you will be making a big mistake. If you should preheat the oven to a certain temperature before cooking, do so.

4. Overcrowding the oven or pan – You have a huge turkey that occupies the entire oven or pan. This is the beginning of a disaster because your turkey will not only turn color but it will also have some unappealing bubbles. The solution – always split your turkey into sizeable batches.

5. Using the wrong cooking oils – Substandard oils have a habit of heating until they smoke. Take your time and shop for the right oils. Do not compromise the quality of your food over the price. The solutions… know your oils. Always opt for natural oils, as they do not compromise with your desired aroma of the meal.

6. Mishandling egg whites – This is a common mistake that people commit in the kitchen and as result, they are unable to blend the eggs properly. The result could be a very unseemly cake. The solution is give the whites time to separate with the yolk and avoid overbeating the whites.