How to Organize A Successful Move to A New Apartment?


Moving like a fire – says a famous saying. But if after a fire there is little that can be saved, and what is saved will smell like fumes, then with good planning you can avoid big losses during the move. How to do this, we will tell you now.

Charges during the move – an exciting event. After all, apart from waiting for change, we still experience stress or just excitement. In this state, it is not always easy to collect your thoughts and do everything right. Sometimes such stress seems unbearable. In this case, planning a grand relocation is better to contact the services specializing in residential relocation like LoveYourSpace. If you have enough time and desire to collect things yourself, our advice will help you.

Everything starts with planning 

They say that most of the victory in the war depends on the strategy. Although relocation is not a literal war, a good strategy does not hurt. Therefore, in order we will tell you what you should think about before starting to collect things, preparing them for the move.

  • Select the date of the move. This date should be suitable for all family members. It is best to discuss this issue at the family council, taking into account the wishes of each member. Thus, you will enlist the support of the family, and this, in turn, will help you to share the burden of moving and reduce your personal stress.
  • Make a list of those who are ready to help. Your list should include your friends, colleagues from work, neighbors, i.e. those with whom you have discussed the issue of relocation, and who expressed a desire to help you with it. However, it should be borne in mind that not everyone can be ready by the right date, even if everything has been discussed many times already. It is better to get helpers with a reserve, in case your close friend gets sick or your neighbor just does not want to help you.
  • Decide on the time of the move. This is important in order to order a car for the required hour. Here we will allow ourselves another small piece of advice: if you decide that everything will be ready by 13 o’clock, then order the car for 14. This will allow you to think it over again without any stress and collect your thoughts before the move.
  • Consider how to make large-sized pieces of furniture. This is where strategy is really important. Discuss this question with those who will help you in this. Such a discussion will allow you to act smoothly and reduce the likelihood of damage to furniture. So that the discussion is based on accurate data, you can measure the doorways in your old home and in a new apartment.
  • Ponder and find everything that will help you in packing things. Cardboard boxes and bubble polyethylene are best for this. It can be bought in hardware stores. However, if you do not intend to spend money on the purchase of packaging for your own belongings, you can do with improvised means. At the planning stage, you need to make sure you have enough of them to pack everything you need. Calculate how much packaging material you need (boxes, bags) and purchase several more items.
  • When ordering a car, imagine how you will put all things and furniture in it for transportation. Here you will recall the once famous game “Tetris”. As well as the fact that having fitted large objects, it is easy enough to place small ones.
  • Consider how to deliver your assistants to the place of loading and unloading. Mashina with things may come faster if everyone, including you, will be used to move public transport. Then you will have to pay not only for renting a car, but also for an empty wait.
  • In the place of unloading, plan where it is better to immediately put the furniture so that it does not interfere with unloading other things, as well as new neighbors. After all, you need to leave a good first impression of yourself in order to maintain good relations with your neighbors.