Instant Internet Lifestyle – Tried and Tested


If you want to earn an income online, one of the most profitable ways to do this is by creating and selling your own digital product. There are a lot of products available online that teach you how to do this.

In this article I’ll give you a brief review of Instant Internet Lifestyle – a new video product created by UK Marketer Lee McIntyre.

In a nutshell this product consists of around 10 hours worth of video training. This includes a video that explains how you can quickly and easily create your own product within one day or less plus 8 videos from a live workshop that he charged $997 for. You also receive full transcripts of all the videos, which can be downloaded in PDF format. He charges $19.95 for access to all of this, which is a very good deal when you consider how much the workshop originally cost to attend.

After payment you get instant access to a members area using your email address and chosen password and you can download all the videos and transcripts to your computer. If your internet connection is very slow or you have a limited bandwidth, I don’t recommend this due to the large downloads.

The videos go over a number of different tactics and techniques including doing successful joint ventures, automating your business by outsourcing, creating videos and more. I found that watching the videos was pretty easy due to Lee’s sense of humor, and real life illustrations.

The course is really geared towards people who want to create their own product, but a lot of the techniques he teaches could also be applied to an affiliate marketing business. So if you have your own website already and are interested in doing joint ventures, automating your business or creating promotional videos then you will learn something from the course.

Overall I felt that Instant Internet Lifestyle was an extremely valuable product, especially for that price tag. The quality was top notch. I am a full time affiliate marketer who also has a few of my own products and after watching the videos I had a few pages full of notes and ideas to apply to many different areas of my business.

This is not the right product for you if you are not willing to put in the work to create and market your own product. However, if you are interested to learn about the best way to create a sustainable and profitable business you’ll almost certainly learn a few powerful techniques from watching the Instant Internet Lifestyle videos.