The MiraBurst Miracle Berry Helped Me Take Charge of my Health


Diabetes runs in my family, but I assumed it had skipped a generation when I was not diagnosed with it, but my daughter was. Since I come from a generation that was not heavily reliant on technology, most of my youth was spent outside playing sports and living an active lifestyle. There was not a moment where I was sitting idle at home unless I was studying or doing my homework. As I progressed into early adulthood, I still maintained quite a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I would even opt to walk or bike to university rather than taking the bus, which would have probably been a better option since I was living in a rather cold place. As a broke college student in the late 70s, I knew that my money would be better spent elsewhere.

As I joined the workforce, I faltered quite a bit when it came to my diet because of the multitude of business meetings and lack of time to prepare proper meals. As a result, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which meant cutting out salt and fatty foods and needing to take medication. While I did listen to my doctor’s advice most of the time, I would still indulge in sugary foods and drinks.

I was already very regular with my health check-ups once a year and always came out with a clean bill of health minus the high blood pressure because I was exercising regularly and always managed to find a way to fit it into my schedule. However, as I got older and my age started hitting me, my health started showing signs of deterioration. I was never diagnosed with diabetes, but when my daughter was, I saw how much of a struggle it was for her to adapt to a lifestyle change.

She finds it difficult to find the time and energy to cook all meals so she tends to order takeout often during the week and enjoys going to restaurants and trying out new desserts. But when she was diagnosed with diabetes, she had to learn how to enjoy a low-sugar diet. I saw the toil it took on her. I understood that it was hard to not be able to do things that she previously could just because she was diagnosed with something that was now a part of her everyday life.

As I was approaching my last year before retirement, the doctors hit me with some hard news. I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Even though I understood the importance of taking medications to stay healthy, I had never enjoyed taking pills or any form of medication and always looked for a more holistic approach to things. My wife was the same and always opted to make her sour drinks such as apple cider vinegar in lemon water in order to lower my blood sugar with a natural alternative. While these definitely helped, they all had a horrible taste. They were either too sour, too bitter, or just outright tasted bad. As much as I knew they were good for me, I always pulled a face when she tried to give them to me to consume. Even so, through research, I found something that promised to make any sour or tart food or drink taste deliciously sweet, while also helping me maintain a healthy diet. I found the MiraBurst miracle berry.

I’ve been around for a while now, so I was quite skeptical about these miracle berry tablets at first. However, I took a chance and ordered it. Through doctor appointments and my own research, I knew that the root cause of diabetes is insulin resistance, where the body produces more than needed insulin but cannot utilize it effectively to help reduce blood sugar levels. I had tried using some natural sweeteners to make green smoothies and yogurt parfaits taste good. However, they always left a weird aftertaste that lingered even longer than the actual food or drink.

Since I’m an academic, I was curious about not only how the miracle fruit could change the taste of things, but also found that the berry itself is a tiny, unique fruit that is a taste modifier. The pulp of the fruit contains an active substance called miraculin. When the fruit is eaten or the tablet dissolves on the tongue, miraculin activates the sweet receptors on the tongue and turns all sour or tart fruits, foods or drinks subsequently eaten to sweet tasting without any added sugar or sweetener at all. The taste modifying effect lasts for up to 60 minutes. It tricks the mind to perceive sour or tart as sweet. It can therefore quell sugar cravings while helping diabetics and prediabetics all over the globe enjoy healthy eating by incorporating healthy low sugar content fruits, cutting down on processed foods, reducing consumption of sugar and sweeteners and helping them maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

The fruit itself has only one calorie per serving, and does not contain any carbohydrates, fat, or sodium. Besides its taste modifying effect, the berry is rich in vitamins C, A, and E, minerals and micronutrients needed for healthy living. Furthermore, miracle berries contain antioxidants such as polyphenols (flavonoids and phenolic compounds) and other essential phytonutrients with antioxidant properties that can help manage blood sugar levels. Additionally, it has the ability to help retrain and recondition the taste buds to get used to less sugar thus helping to manage sugar addiction.

A common misconception that I too fell victim to is that the miracle berry tablet is a sweetener like stevia. However, I was mistaken – the miracle berry falls under its own category of taste modifiers. As a taste modifier, (unlike sugar or sweetener) it must first be consumed to activate a person’s taste buds before eating or drinking the sour or tart food or drink. It cannot be added to fruit, food, or drink or else it will lose its taste modifying effect. Another misconception is that the tablet is not as natural as the berry itself. Some consumers think it is a dietary supplement or even medication since it is in a tablet form. The truth is that the berry is highly perishable, which is why MiraBurst converted it into tablet form to prolong the shelf life and to make it easy to carry around. The tablet is 100% natural and produced from pure miracle berry powder. It therefore has the exact natural composition as the berry itself. There are zero additives or preservatives. The tablet is just a fruit that has been converted into powder and compressed into a tablet form. It is not a medication!

Being able to consume my wife’s healthy low sugar drinks and enjoy other delicious sour or tart foods and drinks with MiraBurst miracle berry tablets has definitely changed me from a skeptic to an ambassador of the product. Not only do I use it regularly, but I have always recommended it to my daughter and other friends and family who have been diagnosed with diabetes or just want to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Now, rather than having a grimace on my face when eating or drinking something healthy, I can enjoy everything to the last drop.

If you or a loved one has diabetes or prediabetes, you can go to and request a free sample to try. When it comes to MiraBurst, you need to try it to really appreciate the “miracle” of nature!

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