The Bon Voyage 1000 Lifestyle Rewards Program Explained


The Lifestyle Rewards Program rewards the Bon Voyage 1000 cardholders who are utilize the travel products and invite others to come aboard.

The Lifestyle Rewards Program is rewarding cardholders with $1000 for every 6 Lifestyle Card Sales he/she makes. Bon Voyage 1000 uses a 2×2 Follow-Me methodology as a mathematical method for allocating Lifestyle Rewards Program rewards to our cardholders.


You must sponsor 2 people to be eligible for earning any compensation in the program.

Allocation Plan

The Lifestyle Rewards Program allocation plan is based on a 2×2 Follow-Me Methodology.

Your one time purchase of our Lifestyle card puts you at the top of a 2×2 matrix that holds room for six people.

When six Bon Voyage 1000 cardholders join you on your board you “cycle”.

With each “cycle” you earn $1000 and free re-entry onto a new 2×2 matrix.

At your first “cycle” you just tripled your purchase and there is no limit to how many times you can “cycle” and generate $1000.

Filling Your Matrix

There are four ways for your matrix to be filled:

1. New direct referral
2. Spill over from your up-line.
3. Spill under from your down-line.
4. Direct referrals show again into your matrix as they “cycle” out.

Leadership Matching Bonus

When you cycle out twice, you will be eligible for our Leadership Matching Bonus. Every time one of your personally sponsored people cycle, you will earn $200.

When you cycle 3 times, we add an additional bonus. Every time one of your 2nd level people cycle, you will earn $100.

So you will be earning from your own cycles, as well as when your personally sponsored people cycle, and when their personally sponsored people cycle.

A Real Product That’s Easy to Market

Everyone loves to travel and/or has to travel. Whether for business or pleasure everyone wants the best accommodations and service at the lowest price when they travel.

The Bon Voyage 1000 Lifetime Membership sells itself because it represents access to the Bon Voyage 1000 Travel Center where you can design and create any travel experience.

Are you planning an exotic family vacation, a romantic getaway, a business trip, a family reunion, or even looking forward to a sporting event? The Bon Voyage 1000 Travel Center can handle everything including condo resort vacations, cruises, hotels, flights, car rentals, hotels, and tickets to events and attractions.

You will also have access to concierge service from live travel agents who will help you create your perfect travel experience.

Marketing Support for Affiliates

Bon Voyage 1000 has a comprehensive marketing plan that includes TV, the internet, busses, billboards, and magazines. Affiliates market and represent a product that everyone can see and thousands will want.

Bon Voyage 1000 continues to line up hundreds of superb products and services and saving opportunities including shops, gyms, spas, restaurants, prescriptions, and automotive services.