What are the six components of health?


Working towards your health should be your primary concern no matter how busy life might get. Listen to your body and look for early signs of impending health issues. Preventive measures are more important than therapeutic measures. To stay healthy you should also be able to understand the 6 components of health –

  1. Physical health- this comprises your body, on the whole, the diet, and
  2. Mental health-comprises the mind, your ability to handle the various situations you encounter each day
  3. Spiritual health-it is the belief, the type of spiritual connection and principles you hold
  4. Social health-the ability to interact with and maintain a healthy social life
  5. Emotional health-it is the type of feelings you share with yourself, the emotional state of your mind
  6. Environmental health-it is the way you connect with the environment, the way in which you interact with, consume the resources and treat the environment and its various components.

As you can see, your body is influenced not just by the food you eat but also by your mental state. And your emotions influence the way you feel and this, in turn, influences the hormone levels in the body which would also have physical implications. All these put together would influence how alert you are and how well you can communicate with the people and the world around you. An approach that takes into account this intricate interconnection with each human body and the world around would be the best one to promote good health.

Every single component is important and each is dependent on the other. For example, when you take supplementary measures like turmeric forskolin and weight loss pills you do not just lose weight. Weight loss also has a huge impact on your mental health. The same way, if you wish to stay healthy and happy you should adopt a holistic approach to the wholesome improvement of the various components of health.